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Professional Suction Drying Services

Suction drying is a unique method of removing excess damp and moisture from flood-damaged properties.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our technicians can remove damp air from a room by forcing dry air through gaps or purposely drilled holes.

The process is a quick and effective solution for remediating water-damaged properties.

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  3. Once the proposal is agreed upon and the necessary paperwork is complete, our technicians can commence cleaning.

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Our Suction Drying Process

Before carrying out any work, our technicians will perform a full risk assessment of the area to identify potential hazards, such as electrical dangers.

Our technicians will
then start by using a wet vacuum to pump any excess water out of the property.

Unlike other drying solution methods, the machine we use for suction drying relies on dry air from the room. It works by forcing the dry air through purposely made holes before sucking out any damp air and pushing it out of the building through a turbine.

You will be given a certificate detailing any work carried out upon completion.

Benefits Of Suction Drying

Whenever a property floods, it is essential to dry the premises as part of the remediation process to minimise the potential for water damage.

Several different ‘drying’ techniques can be used, each with its own advantages. Our expert technicians can advise on the best drying solution for your situation.

Here are some of the main benefits of suction drying:

Suction drying causes minimal damage

Suction drying takes dry air from the room, forcing it through gaps or purposely drilled holes into the damp areas.

As a result, any damp air is sucked out of the construction before it exits the room through the turbine.

This process helps minimise the risk of further damage by stopping any free water from being pushed further into the structure.

Suction drying is quick

Compared to other drying methods, suction drying is comparatively quicker.

The warmer the material to be dried is, the more efficient and quicker the drying process will be as the vapour pressure in the wet material increases.

An increase as small as 10°C can sometimes halve the drying time.

Important To Consider Before Suction Drying

It is important to be aware that the dry, warm air also affects all wooden material in the room where the drying process is being carried out.

Care should be taken to remove or carefully wrap all furnishings that could be damaged in plastic.

Our expert technicians can advise on how best to protect any wooden furniture if necessary.

Additional Services

Experiencing a flood or water leak in a property can be traumatic.

It is vital to begin any remedial work as quickly as possible to minimise damage and risk to human health.

At Vinci Response, our expert team can help with many flood-related services, including:

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