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Whether you’re a property owner or tenant, we all know how destructive water leaks or flooding can be.

Untreated moisture can lead to mould problems and even cause structural damage.

Determining the cause of damp or moisture can be extremely difficult, but treating it becomes much easier once it has been identified.

Vinci Response can help provide peace of mind with our professional moisture and damp surveys.

Arrange Your Damp And Moisture Surveys In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Call us today to arrange a convenient date and time for one of our senior surveyors to conduct a free site survey.
  2. During the site survey, we’ll also produce a detailed proposal.
  3. Once the proposal is agreed upon and the necessary paperwork is completed, our technicians can commence cleaning.

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The Causes of Moisture and Damp

Moisture is the presence of water, usually in very small or even trace amounts.

It can cause damp which in turn can result in staining, mould, mildew and a host of other potential health risks.

Moisture can get into a building in numerous ways, including:

  • Condensation
  • Penetrating damp
  • Rising damp
  • Leaks from pipes, tanks, drains, etc

And there are also indoor moisture sources such as cooking, bathing, indoor swimming pools etc.

Because there are so many potential causes of moisture and dampness, it is vital to thoroughly examine a property to identify the source. Once found, remediating the issue and preventing future problems can be so much easier.

Vinci Response’s Damp And Moisture Surveys

At Vinci Response, our technicians are fully accredited experts on damp and damp testing, capable of providing a reliable, independent damp survey.

As damage restoration and moisture drying experts, we have years of experience dealing with any problems you may face.

Once the damp and moisture report is complete, our experts will provide you with a recommended course of action.

Our damp and moisture surveys include the following:

  • Health and safety risk assessment.
  • Visual inspection to identify physically wet areas.
  • Identify any areas of abnormal microbial growth.
  • Identify any structural problems that might be making the issue worse.
  • Moisture survey, readings and mapping.
  • Photographic evidence and survey findings presented in a report.

Additional Services Related To Your Damp And Moisture Surveys

Vinci Response are expert damage restoration and hygiene specialists.

We can provide additional services alongside the damp survey upon request. If we offer the services mentioned in your damp report write-up, we can provide the services to you upon request.

Some of our other professional services you may be interested in include:

How to Prevent Damp

Prevention is preferable to treatment when it comes to moisture.

You may stop the accumulation of dampness and moisture in your home in a number of straightforward ways, including by ensuring that the correct ventilation is in place.

Opening windows to let fresh air circulate through each room is always a smart decision during warmer months.

Proper circulation allows for the departure of extra moisture, which reduces the possibility of dampness or the growth of mould.

To prevent condensation from turning into heavy moisture while you are cooking in the kitchen, it is also a good idea to switch on your extraction fan.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Damp & Moisture Surveys

What is Rising Damp?

You should not confuse rising damp with these typical sources of moisture in your home.

Moisture from the ground seeping into your building’s structure is what causes rising damp.

In some cases, damage to interior décor can be used to detect growing wetness – damage such as peeling wallpaper or discoloured paint are signs.

What is a damp survey?

A damp survey looks over a property to assess moisture levels, salt build-up, and whether damp is present. To collect the data reliably, specialised equipment is utilised. Upon request, you will receive a written report of the survey’s findings, along with recommendations for how to address the damp’s primary causes.

What are common signs of damp?

There are many signs that your building has a damp problem. One pronounced symptom is the appearance of dark areas on the walls. Another is wallpaper that has peeled or lifted. If you notice a musty, wet odour in the air, this could also be a sign of dampness or any rotting wood (skirting boards, door frames, etc.).

How much does a damp survey cost?

The price of a damp and moisture survey varies according to the location and size of the property. Our sales personnel can provide a precise cost once these qualities have been obtained. For a quote, call or email one of our professionals right away.

How long does a damp survey take?

The length of a damp survey depends on how big the property is; however, most damp studies last between 1-2 hours. The process will go more quickly the smaller the property. It will take a few days to gather and type up the report’s findings before sending it to you through email.

Does a homebuyer’s survey cover damp?

Yes, a typical homebuyer’s inspection will involve looking into any damp that may or may not be present at a house. However, we always advise double-checking the estimate you receive before making a purchase.

Will I receive a report of the findings?

Yes, a report from our damp and moisture surveys may be given to you upon request. It will highlight any areas of the property where damp may be present and, if necessary, will include suggestions for your next course of action. The more evident symptoms include moist walls to the touch or water droplets that are clearly visible on the wall’s surface. Another more dangerous sign of dampness is mould or mildew growth, which can harm a home’s occupants’ health.

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