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Professional Soot And Ash Cleaning Services

Following a building fire, one of the most often overlooked issues is the effect soot and ash can have.

We all know that building fires can cause extensive damage, leaving behind burnt and destroyed possessions.

Without proper remediation, the effects of flames and smoke can pose risks to the structural integrity of a building and future health risks to inhabitants.

But it’s also crucial to ensure that soot and ash are properly cleaned and removed from the premises.

Arrange Your Soot And Ash Cleaning In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Call us today to arrange a convenient date and time for one of our senior surveyors to conduct a free site survey.
  2. During the site survey, we’ll also produce a detailed proposal.
  3. Once the proposal is agreed upon and the necessary paperwork is completed, our technicians can commence cleaning.

For a free, no-obligation estimate and to arrange your soot and ash cleaning site survey, call us on 03335 772 996.

Why Do I Need Professional Soot And Ash Cleaning Services?

It can be tempting to think that removing soot and ash from a property can just be done with a damp cloth.

However, the impact of soot and ash can be more severe than many people realise.

Many possessions can hold onto dangerous soot, ash, and toxic residue when your home or business suffers fire damage.

This can be corrosive and clingy and cause its own damage, particularly to soft surfaces and electronics.

And if it is not removed correctly, soot can also harm your health.

When cleaning soot and ash, it is essential to:

  • Remediate harmful chemicals from your contents
  • Prevent etching or damage to glass
  • Restore tarnished metals
  • Neutralise the corrosive process
  • Prevent discolouration
  • Remove odour

Vinci Response can professionally clean away soot and ash following a building fire, offering you peace of mind that the property will be safe and fire smoke odour-free.

Vinci Response’s Soot And Ash Cleaning Services

When our restoration team gets to work, they will provide quality services at every step to ensure your contents are free of soot or soot damage.

Throughout the restoration process, we regularly inspect contents for stains and odour.

Our process will depend on how bad the initial soot damage is. Mild cases should be successfully eliminated during the textile or electronics restoration process. But if stubborn soot stains remain, affected items will be spot-treated and recleaned.

If the excessive odour is present, the item may receive an ozone treatment, followed by recleaning. If the soot or odour cannot be removed entirely after additional odour-removal techniques, the item is considered non-restorable.

Additional fire damage services

Vinci Response are expert damage restoration and hygiene specialists.

Upon request, we can provide you with additional services alongside the soot and ash cleaning services.

We also provide services that could help with any secondary damage that may have been incurred due to your ash and soot damage issues.

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