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One-off deep cleans and periodic car park cleaning

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Car Park Cleaning Services

Vinci Response Services provides high-quality, comprehensive, industrial, commercial and private car park cleaning. We provide emergency and one-off deep cleans as well as ongoing periodic cleans.

Car parks are often the first place visitors to your business will see. So it is vital that the area is kept clean and tidy to give a good impression and help provide a safe environment.

Whether you have a single or multi-storey car park, no job is too big or too small. We work with private shops and shopping centres, large car park operators, councils and independent car park owners.

We will thoroughly clean car park ceilings, roofs, flooring, walls, and building facades using a wide range of equipment.

Our fully trained technicians will safely remove oil and chemical spills, guano/bird droppings, chewing gum, graffiti and any nasty odours. They are also fully trained and experienced in dealing with trauma cleanups.

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So, what kind of car park cleaning can Vinci Response provide?

Take a look at the service options below.

Ongoing / Periodic Car Park Cleaning

Partnering with Vinci Response Services for your periodic deep cleans will help to maintain a good image and prevent long term damage to your car park. This will help maximise the life of surfaces and your visitors will feel welcome and reassured that their car is safe to be left for a long period of time. This will encourage them to spend longer with your business or to pay for a longer stay in the car park. 

Emergency Car Park Cleaning

Vinci Response Services provide emergency car park cleaning if you have a spillage, or in the unfortunate event that a trauma clean up is required.

Our team can safely remove debris or hazardous waste which means we can deal with fly-tipping and clearing up of drug paraphernalia. We can also completely remove all types of graffiti.

One-off Deep Car Park Cleaning

Your car park may just require a one-off deep clean to restore it to its former glory. Ensuring customers feel welcome and safe, encouraging them to leave their car in your car park for long periods of time.

We can also carry out a one-off deep clean in preparation for restoration services.

Book Vinci Response With Peace Of Mind

All of our car park cleaning services can be arranged at a time that suits you, to minimise disruption and downtime e.g. early hours of the morning or late evenings.

Vinci Response Services are members of the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association (PASMA), CHAS and International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) accredited.

All of our technicians are Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) registered and certified.

Benefits Of Our Car Park Cleaning Services

There are a number of great benefits to having your car park cleaned by Vinci Response Services:

  1. Increase longevity of the surfaces and structure of your car park, by keeping them in optimum condition.
  2. Downtime is minimised or even eliminated, by us arranging your car park clean at a time to suit you.
  3. Increase in revenue, as visitors will be happy to use your car park and leave their car parked for a long time.
  4. Keeping your car park clean and tidy is less likely to attract vandalism and graffiti.
  5. Using years of experience, we match the correct equipment to the materials we clean, to ensure no damage is done by using abrasive cleaning methods.

Read more about the benefits of a clean car park in our blog section.

Before providing you with a quote we will complete a survey, including a risk assessment. Upon completion of a car park clean, we will provide you with a certificate to confirm the service we have provided.

What Equipment Do We Use?

We use the following when completing our car park cleaning services:

  • Torik or Doff superheated water systems
  • Road Sweepers and battery operated scrubber dryers
  • MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)
  • Air/Surface Defence and Odour Neutralisation Technology
  • Dirt Driver and jet wash equipment
  • High level access equipment and abseil teams
  • Water recycling equipment if there isn’t any drainage
  • SkyVac

For a free estimate or to ask any questions you may have about our car park cleaning services, call us today on 03335 772 996.

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