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Flood And Water Damage Clean-Up

Rapid water extraction and professional water damage clean-up services

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Professional Flood Damage Clean-Up Services

Vinci Response understands that speed is key when it comes to flood and water damage. If you act fast, you can mitigate further damage. We also know it can be a very worrying time.

We can therefore be onsite within a matter of hours. We use state-of-the-art steam cleaning and drying technology.

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the most demanding challenges. If you are worried about what to do for your safety and that of the building, speak to a member of our team today.

Arrange Your Flood Damage Clean-Up In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Call us today to arrange a convenient date and time for one of our senior surveyors to conduct a free site survey.
  2. During the site survey, we’ll also produce a detailed proposal.
  3. Once the proposal is agreed and the necessary paperwork completed, our technicians can commence with the cleaning.

Take the stress out of the situation! Call today and speak with an experienced professional!

Flood Damage: Why You Need To Act Fast

When flood water enters a building, the immediate impact can be devastating. Expensive and treasured possessions can be destroyed if covered or fully submerged.

However, standing water doesn’t take long to cause even more damage.

Water absorbed into a building can cause structural damage along with corrosion and electrical damage.

It can also cause rot, mould and other harmful pathogens.

The ‘type’ of water can also change quite quickly and could impact potential health risks.

Types of water:

Clean water – is water from burst pipes, kitchen appliances or a burst water tank and is free from pathogens and bacteria. This can also originate from rainwater via a leaking roof or another external source from your building. This isn’t generally harmful to your health but is detrimental to your building. For example, it can lead to a build-up of moisture that can result in mould, which in turn can affect your health.

Grey water – is wastewater that is free from faecal matter. There is a possibility of a risk to your health and is harmful to your building.

Black water – is water that contains raw sewage and has bacteria, pathogens and other toxic substances. Not only is this extremely harmful to your health, but it also causes the most damage to a building.

Causes Of Flooding And Water Damage

Many factors can cause flood and water damage, but in our experience, these are the most prevalent:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • River flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Burst water tanks
  • Extinguished fire put out using excess water

We have written a blog that explains how best to prevent flooding, which you might find useful.

How Vinci Response Can Help Clean Up Flood And Water Damage

We will arrange a suitable time with you to visit and conduct a site survey. Work can be carried out immediately after the site survey if required.

Our team will identify and locate the source of the flood before starting the extraction process from your building (walls, ceilings, floors).

We use various methods of rapid drying depending on your scenario – this will prevent mould growth.

Contact Vinci Response Today

We have experience working with the following, so call us today to arrange your flood cleaning.

  • Homeowners
  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Business owners
  • Insurers

Take a look at some of the recent flood damage restoration work we have done.

We have also identified some of the best ways to identify a water leak, which may help reduce the initial impact of water damage to a property.

If your premises have suffered damage, get in touch with Vinci Response today and see how we can help.

For a free, no obligation estimate and to arrange your flood and water damage clean-up site survey, call us on 03335 772 996. Alternatively, you can leave us a message and a member of our team will respond accordingly.

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