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Professional, Discreet and Respectful Hoarder Cleaning

Looking for a hoarder cleaning services service and a free estimate?

Being faced with cleaning up after a hoarder can be overwhelming, whether it is in your own home or if you are doing so on behalf of someone else.

At Vinci Response Services we are here to support you. We provide a professional, discreet and compassionate cleaning service for hoarders.

We have worked with homeowners, landlords and social care providers to complete a hoarder cleaning service to suit all those involved.

We’re also a registered Upper Tier licensed waste carrier, so you can rest assured that any items removed will be disposed of in the correct way.

If you would like further information on our hoarder clean up service, please call us today on 03335 772 996 . Or if you would prefer you can complete a form submission with your details.

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a term used to refer to the extensive collection of items by an individual or persons who find it hard to throw anything away.

In extreme cases, entire rooms can be filled from floor to ceiling.

Not only can this become a severe safety issue for fire risk and property access, but it can pose a number of potential health hazards.

Hoarding And Hygiene Issues

When someone has been hoarding items, the volume can become so unmanageable that there is literally no space to move.

This leads to health & safety & hygiene issues as it becomes impossible to clean. There will be a big build-up of dirt, grime and possibly areas of mould.

Kitchens and bathrooms can often be the most unhygienic areas in a home where items have been hoarded.

If there are animals living in the property then this can have a huge impact on the hygiene issue. They may shed fur and leave faeces around the home. There is also the possibility of insect or small animal infestations. Not only could this result in faeces around the home, but also damage to the property and furniture.

Vinci Response’s Hoarder Cleaning Services

So, what can you expect from our hoarder cleaning services?

Firstly, we will complete a free survey and risk assessment. This will enable us to produce a plan tailored to your situation. We will discuss with you which items should be thrown, donated or kept and also if there are any painting and decorating tasks that need to be arranged.

We will carry out the cleaning at a time that suits you, meeting any deadlines you may have.

Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed on a plan of action, we will get to work. Each room will need to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 

Following your requests, we will responsibly dispose of items that are no longer required and those that are unsalvageable.

Items to be donated will be disinfected, and – if the individual is remaining in the property – any kept items will be disinfected and returned. All waste and confidential documentation will be disposed of correctly. Any decorating tasks or reinstatement works can then be completed. 

This will all be completed quickly to minimise any disruption.

Our experienced technicians are fully trained and will wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), complying with health and safety regulations at all times.

Reasons Why Hoarder Cleaning Services May Be Required

There are many different reasons why a hoarder cleaning service might be required.

We understand that individuals who are hoarding items often have mental health issues and we will always deal with the situation respectfully and sympathetically.

  • It may be that someone has died and the house needs to be emptied and cleaned ready to be sold or for a new resident to be able to move in.
  • You may have a rental property that requires a hoarder clean up in order to be able to rent the property again.
  • You may be a social care provider looking for assistance in helping a resident clean up a home.
  • There may be an issue in your own home with yourself or someone you live with.
  • You may have concerns about someone you know and you are looking for ways to help them.

Whatever the reason, Vinci Response Services can help, call us today on 03335 772 996 or complete a form submission.

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