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Vinci Response’s Rope Access Cleaning Services

Vinci Services has a team of Rope Access Cleaning – or Abseil Cleaning – specialists available to complete a comprehensive clean of your building facade. We can achieve fantastic results with minimum disruption to your business at a competitive price.

Abseil Cleaning is used to professionally clean high-rise buildings.

Using ropes and abseiling equipment, we can safely clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

Our Rope Access technicians hold IRATA and CSCS qualifications, giving you the peace of mind that the cleaning will be completed safely and all health and safety regulations will be adhered to.

Benefits of Rope Access Cleaning

So, what are the benefits of rope access cleaning?

With Vinci Response’s experienced, qualified team:

  • A higher standard of cleaning is achieved
  • A more consistent level of cleaning is achieved across the entire building
  • Difficult to reach areas can be cleaned easily
  • High-level cleaning can be achieved without the use of scaffolding
  • More cost effective than scaffolding
  • Fewer man hours are required as the equipment is quick to install and uninstall.
  • We are able to spot any defects and report them to the building management and arrange repair, before the situation gets any worse.

Our technicians are able to use various methods of cleaning whilst safely carrying out rope access cleaning, including pressure washing and steam cleaning.

This enables us to tailor a cleaning programme to suit your requirements.

Rope Access Cleaning can be carried out, even if there are no fixed abseil points on your building.

Types of Rope Access Cleaning:

Abseil Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can have a surprisingly huge impact on your business. They can make the difference between a bright and fresh-looking room and a dreary and gloomy-looking one. This affects people’s moods and perceptions of your business. Just because the windows are high up does not mean that this needs to be a complicated and lengthy process. We can quickly and efficiently provide high-quality abseil window cleaning to the tallest of buildings.

After Builders Clean

After construction, dust and debris can often be left on the building’s surface. This can take away all the hard work and expense that has been put into a construction project. We can complete an after building clean to add that ‘wow’ factor.

Stone Cleaning

The look of your building is so important. It gives that first impression of your business before a prospective client has even walked through your door. A clean and tidy exterior will give the impression of a quality and superior business. It will also have a positive impact on employees if they are walking into a clean building each day.  We can provide you with a high quality, consistent clean for the outside of your building. Find out more about our stone cleaning services.

Mastic Repairs

Mastic is important in keeping your building well insulated. If your building is in need of mastic repairs, it may seem like a daunting job. With rope access cleaning, we can complete this easily.

Take the stress out of the situation! Call today and speak with an experienced professional!

Further Rope Access Cleaning Services

  • Pointing works
  • Cladding repairs
  • Glass polishing
  • Glass replacement
  • Painting
  • Eye bold/davit arm testing

Call us today so we can arrange a free site survey, where we can discuss your rope access cleaning requirements. During a site survey, we will look at abseil points or alternative methods and will design an access strategy for your building. We will also create a Risk Assessment Method (often referred to as RAMS).

Rope Access cleaning can be completed at a time to suit you. Using rope access means that you will not need to arrange scaffolding which eliminates the need to close off walkways and entrances to your building.

Rope Access Cleaning Safety

Health and safety is our first priority when completing high-level rope access cleaning. 

All of our technicians are fully trained and will wear the full required PPE.

We have recently worked with the following:

  • Property managers
  • Councils
  • Housing associations
  • Facility management companies
  • Residential property developers
  • Local authorities

To arrange a site survey or if you have any questions that you would like to ask a member of our team, please contact us on 03335 772 996 or request a call back by using the form.

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