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Escape of water – School in the Channel Islands

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Covering the Channel Islands at short notice

Our technician’s services were asked by a loss adjusting company covering the Channel Islands, to attend a loss in a school following an escape of water from an old iron pipe running under the gymnasium floor.

We were asked to advise in particular reference to the drying of the sub floor below the beech spring loaded floor. Saving the floor was paramount to the school due to the time it would take to order the timber and replace the existing if beyond restoration.

We had been advised that it would be a six week period before the timber could be found and treated and then another four weeks to acclimatise to the building and then laid.

Speed was of the essence before term period and the return of pupils and staff to the busy school!

The Response

Within 24 hours of the initial telephone call and instruction, a senior member of staff and a technician set foot on the Island to assess the damage and advise accordingly.

A detailed technical assessment of the gymnasium floor and the room below was undertaken. This identified that the affected area was contained to the rear of the gym and the room only, and did not affect the majority of the gym as originally thought.

Our technicians recommended a technical drying regime incorporating a mixture of desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers combined with injection technology.

Flood-damaged wooden floor being dried with desiccant turbines.
Injection drying with desiccant turbines    
Another view of the wooden gym floor being dried with desiccant turbines.
Warm, dry air could be circulated under the floor


25mm holes were cut into the floor so that warm dry air could be circulated below, panel were cut at either side to allow for the escape of water vapour.

The ceiling of the room below was also ‘tented’ so that drying could take place from below and above for faster drying efficiency.

One of the rooms in the school being dried using special technology.
Focused drying regime to target dry specific areas.   
Target drying the school floor and walls.
Target drying the floor and walls.


The results

Our specialist systems helped save the floor and dried the affected areas in just 3 weeks, allowing enough time for the reinstatement work to be completed before the end of the term and the return of the school pupils.


  • School returned to safe and acceptable levels of moisture in good time.
  • Pupils and teachers returned to school with no disruption to time tables.
  • Restoration & Construction’s speed of response and deployment of efficient drying solutions negated the need for the replacement of the gym hall floor.
  • Massive cost savings to clients.
  • Elevating profile within the industry.

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